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Three Year Average



south west of Katherine


south east of Darwin


Sealed Victorian Highway forms the southern boundary (approximately 18kms). Homestead and main cattle yard access via Flora River National Park road.

Office/kitchen/cooks accommodation: Two transportable buildings, air conditioning, dining area, cool rooms, freezer, dry storage, two bedrooms, one bathroom, living area, three bay carport.

Manager’s residence: Three bedrooms, two bathrooms, living, kitchen, dining, laundry, split system air conditioning. Guest rooms ensuited.

Head stockman’s residence: Three bedrooms, bathroom, living, kitchen, dining, laundry, air conditioning.

Workers accommodation: Three transportable buildings, eight rooms with ensuites, communal laundry, living and dining area.

Split system air conditioning and fans in each room.

Natural watercourses including Flora River and frontage to Dolly Dolly Creek, Mathison Creek, Shipton Creek, and Aroona Creek.

Approximately 21 natural water sources (dams, waterholes and springs). 17 equipped bores (diesel and solar) pump into 22 header tanks and many steel troughs.

Approximately 70% of the station is within 5kms of a permanent water source.

Hay Shed Yards: c2,000 head capacity steel yards with three undercover working areas, twelve working/holding yards, loading ramp, pound, drafting area, race, Morrissey hydraulic vet crush, plunge dip, calf branding race and cradle, sprinkler system and four troughs.

Bald Hills Yards: c1,500 head capacity steel yards with twelve working/holding yards, loading ramp, crush, calf branding race and cradle, drafting area and three water troughs.

Camp oven yards: c1,500 head capacity steel yards with twelve working/holdings yards, loading ramp, crush, calf branding race and cradle, drafting area and one water trough.

Steel horse yards, undercover stalls, portable panel arena and shipping container tack shed.

The project data room contains a detailed plant and equipment list. There is approximately $2 million (purchase price) in plant and equipment on station.

Key items include:

  • MF 5710 AWD Masy Ferguson tractor
  • Isuzu FVZ cattle truck
  • Caterpillar grader
  • Volvo grader
  • Mack prime mover
  • John Deere tractor
  • 5 x Toyota landcruisers
  • Hino truck with crane
  • Mack cargo truck
  • Boogie Axle single deck cattle trailer
  • Skid steer loader.

Please note that no aircraft are included in the sale.

The close proximity of the stations (and Phoenix Farm) to Katherine, coupled with excellent sealed road access, allows the properties to continue operating during the wet season, securing a stable supply of cattle year round. Since FY2018 the vendor has invested over $3 million in capital expenditure on Aroona Station (excluding plant and equipment).

Significant investments include:



On yards and fences. This has included both upgrades to existing yards and erection of new yards, together with paddock fencing


On water storage and distribution infrastructure. This has included bore refurbishment/redrilling, new tanks, troughs, pumps, pipeline, solar conversion and generators


On information and communication technology. This has included a new digital mobile radio system


On building upgrades

Aroona Station is presently enjoying an excellent wet season with 317.3mm of rain falling over January and February 2021.




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